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For patients from abroad within 48 hours

Emergency dental services


Video consultation

During the consultation, we assess the situation, plan the time of the future return to Lithuania, the duration and number of visits, and plan the necessary treatment. We recommend this consultation to all patients. 

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First visit

The dentist re-evaluates the condition of the teeth and the treatment agreed upon during the consultation is started. If necessary, the treatment is continued the next day.

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Last visit

After 24-48 hours (if needed). More visits are usually required for the following procedures: dental prosthetics, dental veneers, aesthetic fillings, and dental implants.

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Video consultation

Gydytoja Aušra Vaškelienė

VIDEO consultation is recommended for all patients who want to accurately plan the time of their future return to Lithuania, the duration and number of visits. Then we will fulfil all your expectations.

Get ready for the victory of healthy teeth!

It is possible to register without a consultation, but in order to complete the treatment, a subsequent visit to Lithuania may be necessary.

How is it done?

1/  Register for a video consultation with a doctor*

2/  Pay the consultation fee (specialist consultation €29).

3/  Log in at the agreed time using computer or phone.

4/  Enjoy a detailed 30-minute consultation with a specialist without leaving your home or work!

5/ During the consultation, we will plan all the necessary visits for the period of your stay in Lithuania.

*  in order to provide a particularly high-quality consultation, we recommend that you make and send us a dental X-ray (panoramic) or 3D photo in advance. The doctor will be able to better assess the situation and prescribe the necessary treatment after looking at the photograph.

Consultations are carried out by:


First visit

During the visit:

/  The dentist re-evaluates the condition of the teeth. If necessary, an additional full oral examination is performed, a 3D computer tomography photo is taken.

If no additional changes are found in the teeth or gums during the examination using the latest research methods, which could not have been foreseen during the VIDEO consultation, the agreed treatment is started.

The first visit to the clinic is the most important!

Two scenarios:

1/  Treatment is completed on the same day (teeth filling, teeth whitening, implantation, endodontic treatment, etc.)

2/  The treatment will continue on the following day (dental prosthetics, dental veneers, production of temporary teeth, aesthetic filling)


Last visit after 24-48 hours

If complex treatment is required, it usually takes up to 48 hours, and sometimes less.

In other cases, usually only one, first visit is enough. 

A follow-up visit is required for smile restoration with:

/ Ceramic dentures – application and cementation of the prosthesis.

/ Dental veneers – application and cementation of veneers.

/ Implants – adaptation of a temporary tooth. The next visit is in 3-6 months, when the implants have healed.

/ Aesthetic Aesthetic tooth filling – polishing.

The professional team of doctors at our dental clinic works for the health of your teeth!