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Professional teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a painless and quick procedure that significantly improves the condition of your mouth and leads to daily victories.

Procedures are carried out by:

Professional teeth cleaning - what is it?

Professional teeth cleaning near me – the procedure is performed at “VIN Vilniaus implantologijos namai” clinic and in itself is the removal of soft plaque and hard plaque (tartar) from the surface of the teeth and from the grooves of the gums. This preventive procedure helps prevent serious diseases of the oral cavity, such as caries, gingivitis, periodontitis.

Deep teeth cleaning procedure /takes 30-60 minutes and is performed using an ultrasonic scaler and a soda blaster. The procedure is completely painless, and if the patient feels pain, it shows that gum disease has started.

If the patient feels discomfort, the gums can be numbed with local anaesthesia. Then no pain is felt at all, and the hygienist can perform tartar removal even more thoroughly and deeply.

When is it recommended to visit a teeth cleaning dentist?

Professional teeth cleaning is recommended for every person 1-2 times a year. The frequency of the procedures depends on the intensity of tartar accumulation, the patient’s time and attention given to dental care, and the clinical situation in the mouth.

For those suffering from periodontal diseases or wearing different types of dental braces, the procedure is recommended to be performed every 3-4 months.

Deep teeth cleaning is also recommended before starting the planned treatment – fillings, prosthetics, whitening, orthodontic treatment and before oral surgery. This procedure is also performed as initial and maintenance treatment of periodontal diseases.

Reviews of clients of the clinic “Vilniaus implantologijos namai”:

How is deep teeth cleaning performed?

1/  An ultrasonic scaler is used to clean supra-gingival and sub-gingival tartar.
2/  Pigment deposits caused by smoking, coffee, tea, wine consumption are cleaned using the “Air Flow” soda blaster “KaVo PROPHYflex 3” and KAVO pearls. It is one of the most advanced dental plaque removal methods, which removes plaque much more effectively, even in hard-to-reach places.
3/  After completing tartar removal and cleaning the plaque, the teeth are polished with a special paste and brushes or polishes, so that the plaque accumulates more slowly and the teeth and fillings regain their original shine.
4/  The interdental space is cleaned with floss, which makes them more resistant to caries, plaque and tartar build-up.
5/  If necessary, in order to ensure faster healing of the gums and destruction of the biofilm of microorganisms, decontamination of the gum grooves and tissue bio-stimulation with a laser are performed.
6/  The teeth are carefully examined, the importance of dental care is explained, and individual oral care measures are selected, for example, tartar removal toothpaste is recommended (both for the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases).

After performing a professional teeth cleaning procedure, your overall oral health will improve, and most importantly, further development of the problem will be prevented. In addition, you will be able to enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth.

Not only the plaque on teeth removal is performed but also the condition of the mouth is checked during the procedure. The hygienist checks all the teeth, checks for caries and the signs of gum disease. Gum diseases are treated in our clinic by a periodontist. If the teeth are not treated, the diseases may progress and it will be necessary to remove the teeth or thread implants, such as Nobel Biocare dental implants.

KAVO pearls - the most effective for teeth cleaning

Specially prepared soda pearls have been used in dentistry for more than 10 years. It is scientifically proven to be a reliable and gentle dental hygiene product. The smooth and sleek surface of the pearls allows to effectively remove accumulated plaque without any discomfort.

The round surface of the pearls does not injure the surface of the enamel and preserves its structure, the gums remain intact. Due to the round surface of the pearl, the tooth and the pearl have more points of contact, so the hygiene procedure is performed more efficiently and excellent results are achieved. Therefore, dentist teeth cleaning is the best way to do this procedure.

Proper care is necessary for healthy teeth

/  You will have healthy teeth and gums only if you take proper care of your teeth every day and visit the dentist regularly.

/  Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night, with a fluoride toothpaste. And be sure to clean the interdentals with interdental floss or a special interdental brush. Additionally, you can use an interdental irrigator.
/  The more the teeth are cleaned and the mouth is taken care of, the less plaque remains and the lower the chance of gingivitis is. However, if you smoke a lot, take medication or your health is weak, gum diseases can manifest more actively. Incorrect brushing of your teeth also has a significant impact on the condition of your gums and teeth.

The colour of the teeth can darken by several tones due to absorption of pigments into the plaque due to smoking, consumption of colouring drinks such as coffee, tea, wine.

/  If teeth are not cleaned properly, plaque hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease and bad breath.

If tartar has already formed, it can only be removed by a hygienist during a professional teeth cleaning procedure. In such cases toothpaste for tartar removal or any other tartar removal tool will no longer be effective.

By visiting a dental hygienist you not only get plaque on teeth removal service, but also receive the necessary information about dental care and how to prevent gum disease in the future.

Proper oral hygiene will ensure your healthy, winning smile and help prevent tooth and gum diseases.


You can find all the prices of professional teeth cleaning in our private dental treatment price list.

Prices of the most popular services:

Complete teeth cleaning procedure (for both jaws)
79 €

Repeated teeth cleaning procedure

59 €

Financing options

Dental prosthetics and its cost: the price of this procedure can always be friendly to our patients. For those who cannot pay the full amount at once, we offer to pay for the treatment in parts. Our partners “Moki Lizingas” will help you to cover dental bridges cost, teeth crowns cost and purchase the dental prosthetics service in installments.

Other possible financing options:

/  Billing with health insurance funds when the patient has concluded a contract with the insurance company.

/ Funding from territorial health insurance funds for patients covered by mandatory health insurance.

Teeth cleaning for children

Starting from childhood, it is recommended to develop proper oral care skills for little ones, which will accompany them throughout their lives. Teeth cleaning is also very often performed for children (pediatric dentistry) in our Vilnius dentist clinic. It is especially important to perform it regularly for children who wear dental plates or other orthodontic devices, because they make it difficult to clean their teeth properly.

Regular teeth cleaning prevents tooth decay. 

There are often situations where milk teeth are damaged prematurely and need to be removed. Then children cannot chew properly, their bite is negatively affected by it and their permanent teeth erupt crookedly.

When performing teeth cleaning for children, hygienists remove plaque, polish teeth and apply fluoride gel. Also, the dental hygienist can apply sealants – cover the grooves of the teeth with a protective material, thus protecting them from caries in the future.

vaiku odontologija_VIN klinika_sedacija

Our clinic hygienists will also provide valuable advice on how to properly care for your teeth in the future.

Recommendations after the teeth cleaning procedure

With immediate and timely treatment of diseases, you will be able to enjoy healthy teeth during your daily victories, without any need to even think about teeth removal cost!


Carefully follow the recommendations of your dental hygienist. This is not only related to further cleaning of the teeth, improvement of skills, but also the further course of treatment of the oral cavity. This will allow you to maintain healthy teeth and save the trouble of fighting inconveniences associated with teeth extraction healing.


If a caries focus point was detected during the procedure, make an appointment for the next visit to the dentist; if gum changes are noticed – make an appointment with a periodontist.

Plaque causes gum diseases

Soft plaque forms on the surfaces of the teeth and in the grooves of the gums every day, coming from food residues, bacteria and saliva. Due to the lack of time or insufficient skills when cleaning the teeth properly, the remaining plaque reacts with the calcium in the saliva, mineralizes and becomes hard plaque – tartar. The gums become red, swollen, bleed, the patient develops a bad breath.

Of all oral diseases, dental caries and periodontal disease are the most common and the main cause is bacterial plaque.

The purpose of professional and personal teeth cleaning is to reduce the accumulation of plaque and microorganisms with special means and fluoride preparations. The most important thing is to do it correctly and on time.

Bacterial plaque is a whitish or yellowish squishy substance. A lot of this plaque accumulates in hard-to-reach places, between the teeth. They are mostly located on the vestibular surface of the front teeth near the neck, the lingual surface of the lower molars and the buccal surface of the upper molars. If one does not brush their teeth, these substances build up and cause redness, swelling and inflammation of the gums, otherwise known as gingivitis.

dantu burnos higiena

Gum diseases can progress

Gum diseases occur when there is an infection or inflammation of the gums caused by plaque, tartar and bacteria accumulating on them.

Damaged and unhealthy gums bleed when you brush them. It shouldn’t be like that. By regularly taking care of the oral cavity at home and visiting the dentist, these diseases can be prevented.
Although initially the disease may have no symptoms or  you feel very little discomfort, gum diseases progress very quickly. In the early stage, this disease is called gingivitis, and later, when the process transfers to the bone, it turns into periodontitis (periodontosis).

Without treating periodontitis, you may have to have your teeth removed and teeth extraction healing course if not very pleasant!

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum inflammation caused by bacteria or viruses due to plaque, tooth position, bite position. The most common cause of gingivitis and other gum diseases is lack of proper oral hygiene habits.

Gingivitis is a reversible process. Untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontitis (tooth pockets, bone resorption).

Periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums, conjunctival epithelium, alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, resulting in deep pockets, bad breath and tooth mobility, and can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. To avoid these diseases, we recommend regular professional teeth cleaning at our Vilnius dentist clinic.

Our clinic provides services to people living abroad: after planning visits in advance, we can beautify your smile in two to three days.

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