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Teeth filling

Timely treatment of tooth decay will keep your teeth healthy. The earlier you start, the better the chance of stopping the decay.

Procedures are carried out by:

Completed works

Panoramic dental X-ray near me and dental filling – get to know the work done by our dental clinic professionals and patient stories.


Aesthetic functional teeth feeling

Modern dentistry makes it possible to restore damaged tooth tissues precisely and almost imperceptibly.

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Before the procedure


Aesthetic functional filling

Aesthetic functional tooth filling.
Before the procedure


Aesthetic functional filling

Aesthetic functional tooth filling.

Before the procedure


Aesthetic functional filling

The patient complained of visible fillings on the front teeth with cracked biting edges.

Aesthetic and functional correction of two front teeth by filling with composite was performed.

Before the procedure


Aesthetic functional filling

Filling of front teeth of the upper jaw by changing permeable fillings and forming a uniform color range.

Before the procedure


Aesthetic functional filling

The patient complained about the sensitivity of the front teeth. Visible thinning of the enamel of the front teeth, front tooth filling was done with a composite, eliminating sensitivity and returning an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Before the procedure

Timely filling of teeth

If you have not visited your dentist in the last 6 months, it is advisable to make an appointment for a preventive check-up.

The most important thing is to visit your dentist regularly. If you feel pain, make an appointment immediately, because often the pain may go away but the causes do not disappear. And even worse, if you did not feel any pain, but the caries penetrated to the root of the tooth, then simple therapeutic treatment will no longer help and as you may be aware oral surgery healing time is much longer than that of a simple filling.

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Teeth filling symptoms and treatment

Teeth filling is necessary when:

/  toothache or pain is felt, especially after eating sweet, hot or cold foods or drinks.

visible pits, cavities or holes on the teeth.

Most of the damages are seen by the dentist during a regular check-up. Examination of the teeth shows that the surface of the tooth has softened, and an X-ray shows which cavities are spread out.

Treatment can help prevent damage to the tooth that leads to cavities.

Methods of treatment:

/  Filling
/  Teeth crown placement
Root canal treatment (endodontics).

Causes of tooth decay

1/  Tooth decay (caries) is as widespread a disease as the common cold. It usually affects children and young adults, but it can affect anyone. Tooth decay is a popular reason for having teeth removed.

2/  There are a lot of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria convert foods, especially sugars and starches, into acids. A combination of bacteria, acid, food particles and saliva forms a sticky substance in the mouth called plaque. Plaque sticks to the teeth above the gum line or in the grooves of the teeth.

3/  Plaque that is not removed from the teeth ossifies and turns into tartar. Tartar irritates the gums, causing gingivitis and periodontitis.

4/  Plaque starts to accumulate on the teeth 20 minutes after eating. If it is not removed, tooth enamel begins to decay.

5/  Acids in the plaque damage the tooth enamel, thus causing cavities in the teeth. An untreated cavity can lead to a tooth infection called a tooth abscess. Tooth decay that is not stopped in time also destroys the inside of the tooth. Then more intensive treatment or even tooth extraction is needed.


The prices for the procedures performed in our clinic – amalgam tooth filling and others – are specified in the clinic’s general price list. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current tooth filling cost.

In all cases, we invite you to consult with dentists, who will create a treatment plan, estimate the exact cost of dental treatment and answer any specific questions such as how much is root canal treatment, impacted wisdom teeth removal or other services cost.

Prices of the most popular services:

Heliocomposite filling (small cavity)
79 €

Full crown restoration with filling

169 €
You can find all prices in our price list:

Financing options

Dental prosthetics and its cost: the price of this procedure can always be friendly to our patients. For those who cannot pay the full amount at once, we offer to pay for the treatment in parts. Our partners “Moki Lizingas” will help you to cover dental bridges cost, teeth crowns cost and purchase the dental prosthetics service in installments.

Other possible financing options:

/  Billing with health insurance funds when the patient has concluded a contract with the insurance company.

/ Funding from territorial health insurance funds for patients covered by mandatory health insurance.

Preventing tooth decay to not require teeth fillings

Before having to come up with a question of how long does a tooth filling last, it’s best to take preventive measures to not need it at all. In such case, proper oral hygiene is necessary:

/  regular plaque cleaning (every 6 months) by an oral hygienist;

/  brushing the teeth with a toothbrush at least twice a day;

/  daily use of interdental floss.

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panoramic dental x-ray can be taken annually to detect the spread of caries.

if you eat sticky, tacky and sweet food, it is best to eat it with your main meal, not as a snack. If possible, rinse your mouth with water after eating such foods.

/  Limit snacking as it creates a constant acidic environment in the mouth. Avoid sugary drinks, lollipops or candies are not chewed for a long time.

Sealing the grooves of the teeth can prevent the formation and spread of tooth decay. Sealants are a thin plastic coating placed on the chewing surface of the tooth. This prevents the accumulation of plaque in the grooves of the tooth.

Remember that the accumulation of dental plaque and the formation of tartar are promoted by bad habits and an irrational diet.

At least once a year you should visit a dentist for a preventive check-up. If you wear dental braces for adults or teenagers, or other teeth straightening systems, it is recommended to perform preventive examinations more often.

What is the difference between teeth filling and aesthetic teeth filling?


Teeth filling

This is a procedure that allows you to eliminate the defects (cavities) of the tooth tissues damaged by caries and protects the tooth nerve from possible deeper damage.

During traditional tooth filling, the natural shape of the tooth is restored and its effective chewing function is ensured. Usually only teeth with minor tissue damage are filled, otherwise other tooth restoration and treatment procedures may be required.


Aesthetic teeth filling

Aesthetic filling is a method of restoring teeth, during which worn, chipped, discolored and decayed teeth are restored.

During aesthetic filling, the teeth are given a more beautiful shape, the arch of the teeth is leveled out and too large spaces between the teeth are closed. During the procedure, very high-quality modern composites are used, which allow extremely precise, functional and aesthetic restoration of the individual anatomy of the front teeth, reproducing not only the ideal shape created by nature, but also transparency.

During the consultation the dentist will answer what type of filling is the most suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions about teeth fillings

How long does it take to fill one tooth?

Teeth filling is a very individual process, which depends on the clinical condition of the patient’s teeth, the type of filling and other factors. The process of filling one tooth can take from ten minutes to an hour. The exact duration of the procedure can only be specified by the dentist treating you.

Filling of several teeth can be performed during one visit.

Please note that tooth filling is performed only after the tooth has been cured, if it has been damaged not only by caries, but also by gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases. During the first visit, the condition of the patient’s teeth is always assessed and a treatment plan is created, in cases when the tooth is damaged not only by caries. In some cases filling may bot be possible if the doctor finds out that it is necessary to remove tooth root or perform other surgical procedures.

Is teeth filling painful?

Teeth filling is not a painful procedure. If the patient feels discomfort, local anesthesia can be applied.

When the procedure is completed, after teeth filling sensitivity can be felt for a few days or weeks. It is recommended to avoid very hot or very cold foods and drinks; it is advisable to use tooth sensitivity-reducing toothpastes recommended by a dentist.

Important: if discomfort, pain, or swollen gums are still felt several weeks after filling the teeth, you must immediately make an appointment with a dentist.

When is it time to replace a tooth filling?

Every year, technologies and materials are becoming more and more modernized, which means that fillings can last longer and longer. Nevertheless, the wear of filling materials is about three to four times faster than that of a natural tooth. Also, filling materials accumulate more plaque than natural teeth.

For these reasons, they can eventually wear out, begin to wobble or fall out. If this happened, it’s time to visit a dentist and replace the tooth filling.

When is a temporary filling used?

A temporary filling is not as durable as a permanent heliocomposite or glass ionomer filling. It can be used in cases where a longer treatment plan is prepared, endodontic treatment is carried out, teeth are prepared for prosthetics and for other reasons.

Temporary filling protects the deeper tissues of the tooth from the effects of food and drinks. It is necessary to replace temporary filling with a permanent one or to continue the started treatment as this filling cannot be left longer than prescribed by the dentist. Don’t miss your scheduled visit to the doctor!

The professional team of doctors at our dental clinic works for the health of your teeth!