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Teeth straightening

We apply treatment with teeth straightening gum shield in 99.5% orthodontic cases. With Ordoline teeth straightening gum shield, everyone can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile, and these results can be achieved quickly, painlessly and conveniently.

Procedures are carried out by:

Completed works

Orthodontic treatment can be applied in all cases.

Teeth straightening near me: get to know the work done by our dental clinic professionals and patient stories.


Teeth straightening with a retainer

Sofia and her mother wanted to solve several problems that the girl had before the treatment: crowded and irregular teeth, narrow dental arches. The duration of Sofia’s planned treatment is just 12 months, after which she will be able to enjoy her new smile. Sofia is currently in her tenth month of wearing a retainer.

dantu tiesinimas atlikti darbai_pries_istorija 1
dantu tiesinimas atlikti darbai_po_istorija 1


Teeth straightening with a retainer

Before treatment, gaps were visible between Adomas’ teeth in both the upper and lower arch. In addition, some of Adomas’ back teeth were misaligned. The entire process of dental treatment with Ordoline gum shields took eight months, after which Adomas and his doctor achieved the desired results. If you are wondering will mouthguards straighten teeth – refer to the attached photos.

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dantu tiesinimas atlikti darbai_po_istorija 2


Teeth straightening with a retainer, dental veneers and gum plastic

In some cases, such as Rita’s, an interdisciplinary treatment based on teeth straightening with retainers may be necessary to achieve the desired results. After straightening, Rita had dental veneers placed and gum plastic surgery.

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dantu tiesinimas atlikti darbai_po_istorija 3

Teeth straightening – can a mouthguard straighten your teeth?

If you are wondering how to straighten teeth, we have an answer. Straightening teeth with Ordoline transparent retainers is a modern and scientifically based method of dental treatment for all orthodontic cases, even those that until now could only be treated with dental braces. Ordoline teeth straightening gum shields successfully treat even the most complex cases of incorrect bite and crooked teeth.

Dantu tiesinimo kapos skaidrios

Methods of teeth straightening

Teeth straightening can be done in several ways:

with retainers,

with braces (metal, ceramic, non-ligating, sapphire),

with orthodontic dental plates.

Today, one of the most advanced and effective methods of straightening teeth are retainers, which are transparent, aesthetic and practically invisible dental braces.

Important: only an orthodontist can recommend the most suitable method of teeth straightening, taking into account the clinical condition of the patient’s teeth. The most popular methods of orthodontic treatment may not be effective in treating your teeth (for example, these aforementioned teeth braces (removable)).
Before making a decision on the method of straightening your teeth, consult with a specialist.

dantu kapos
Dental retainers
Dental braces

Teeth straightening retainers or dental braces?

If you are considering which teeth straightening method to choose:


  • Retainers are invisible (person doesn't feel ashamed wearing them)

  • Painless (only a light stretch is felt)

  • Tooth extraction is less necessary

  • Rare visits to the doctor

  • Urgent visits are rarely needed

  • Comfortable (can be removed if needed)

  • No negative impact on oral hygiene

  • You can eat any food (after removing the retainers as they are like removable teeth braces)

Dental braces

  • Metal braces are visible

  • Painful (can cause mouth sores)

  • Teeth extraction is required more often

  • Frequent visits to the doctor

  • Frequent emergency visits (e.g. due to loose braces, protruding wire)

  • Not possible to take them off

  • It is difficult to brush the teeth (plaque may form around the braces)

  • Not allowed to eat solid food


How much does teeth straightening cost? How much are dental braces? You can find all prices in our price list:

Prices of the most popular services:

Retentive gumshield

120 €

Treatment planning and visualization

250 €

Teeth straightening with ORDOLINE EASY retainers

1690 €

Financing options

Dental prosthetics and its cost: the price of this procedure can always be friendly to our patients. For those who cannot pay the full amount at once, we offer to pay for the treatment in parts. Our partners “Moki Lizingas” will help you to cover dental bridges cost, teeth crowns cost and purchase the dental prosthetics service in installments.

Other possible financing options:

/  Billing with health insurance funds when the patient has concluded a contract with the insurance company.

/ Funding from territorial health insurance funds for patients covered by mandatory health insurance.

Why do you need to straighten your teeth?

Crooked teeth lead to an incorrect bite, which changes the symmetry of a person’s face and reduces self-confidence. In the long run, an incorrect bite can lead to much more serious health problems:

the process of eating becomes more difficult – a person cannot bite food properly, trying to do it with side teeth;

—  changed bite causes not only an excessive load on the upper or lower jaw, but also neck, back pains and headache.

faster wear and tear of the teeth occurs, leading to progressive diseases of the teeth and gums;

Orthodontics helps to avoid these problems – correcting an incorrect bite and irregular position of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is performed for both children and adults.

The earlier the diagnosis of incorrect bite, tooth positions and other orthodontic problems, the easier it is to treat them. At an early age, the bones are still growing, the chewing muscles are not fully developed, so it is much easier to correct the bite and the position of the teeth.

It is recommended to bring children who have started attending the first grades of school to an orthodontist for a preventive examination, then the specialists will be able to assess whether the child needs orthodontic treatment and monitoring of the condition of the teeth and bite.

Orthodontics – the way to a healthy and aesthetic smile! 

How is orthodontic treatment carried out?


First visit to the clinic

First, the doctor performs a digital scan of the mouth. After scanning, all the information is sent to the dental retainers manufacturer Ordoline’s center, where specialists begin to model the future retainer.


A digital treatment plan is prepared

Only good planning ensures the success of the treatment. Specialists of the Ordoline center, together with the clinic’s doctors and orthodontists, start digital modelling of the treatment plan. All layouts of the retainers are laid out, the desired result is predicted and how long it will take to achieve it. The treatment plan is used to produce retainers and track treatment progress.

Each retainer is modelled in a special computer program and prepared for production. Models are inspected and evaluated by a quality specialist. 


The treatment plan is discussed with the patient

Prepared digital treatment plan is shown – the number of visits to the clinic, the change in the position of the teeth, the future smile is presented, which will lead the patient to daily victories. After everything is discussed and approved, the production of retainers is started.


Straightening retainers are produced

First, 3D models of the patient’s teeth are created, which represent the change in the position of each tooth. This way it is possible double-check whether the gumshield will really fit and help you achieve the desired results.

Retainers are made of PET-G thermoplastic polyester, so they are translucent, almost invisible dental braces, comfortable and extremely effective in repositioning teeth.

Each retainer is carefully inspected, trimmed at the patient’s gum line to ensure it is not too tight and is comfortable to wear.

Manufactured retainers are once again inspected by an Ordoline orthodontist and their quality is evaluated.


The teeth straightening process begins

Most of the time, the wearing of retainers is divided into several stages, so in the first stage the patient has to wear only part of them.
At the clinic, the doctor shows how to wear the gumshield correctly, how to perform hygiene and arranges the next visit to the clinic for examination.
Retainers require almost no care  except that you cannot eat solid foods and they must be worn 22 hours a day . If you were still wondering can a gum shield straighten your teeth, the aforementioned process should leave no more doubts.

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How long does teeth straightening take?

The period of teeth straightening is very individual and depends on:

/ existing conditions of the patient’s teeth and bite,

/ compliance with the specialist’s recommendations.

The treatment process can last from several months to a couple of years to ensure maximum results.

dantu tiesinimo kapos

Recommendations for orthodontic treatment:

/  Strictly follow the recommendations of the dentist, orthodontist and do not miss visits.

Wear orthodontic dental plates and retainers only as directed by your orthodontist.

Take responsible care of your oral and dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, using interdental floss, a brush or an interdental irrigator.

/  Perform a professional teeth cleaning procedure regularly, at least twice a year. If you wear braces, you should visit your oral hygienist more often.
/  If you are using retainers, you should remove them before eating and drinking. When the retainers are removed, they should be rinsed with water.
/  If you wear braces, it is recommended to avoid very hard food, limit the amount of sugary drinks and sweets. Teeth and braces should be cleaned after every meal. Do not eat very hot and

The professional team of doctors at our dental clinic works for the health of your teeth!