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Dental implantation

Dental implantation is one of the most advanced methods for restoring lost teeth. After restoring your teeth with an implant, you will soon be able to enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth again, which will look almost natural. Dental implantation – the way to a beautiful smile!

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What is dental implantation?

A dental implant replaces the natural tooth root. New teeth, crowns are placed on the implant, the design of which allows them to be removed if necessary, or they are permanently cemented.

Most often, teeth are lost due to improper oral care, previous injuries, or diseases such as periodontitis, pulpitis, cysts. It is very common for people to lose their teeth simply because of insufficient dental hygiene at home. If they are lost, the rest of the remaining teeth eventually shift, which changes the shape of the face. If you want to see dental implants before and after the procedure, please ask the doctor for additional information during your consultation.

Dantu implantai

Advantages of dental implants:

/  Perfect look – teeth restored using dental implantation procedure look natural and aesthetic. They are designed to ossify and fuse (osteointegration) with your jawbone and stay there forever.

Clearer speech – after restoring your smile with removable dentures. they can sometimes fall off, wobble, or otherwise interfere with speech, while implants make you feel very free.

Comfort – once the dental implants are fully seated, there is no more discomfort and you can feel like you have your own teeth.

/  Easier Eating – removable dentures can make eating difficult, especially with sticky and tacky foods. Implants will make you forget about these troubles.

Self-confidence – implants will help you feel better in all situations and be confident.

Reliability – with correct care of the oral cavity, regular visits to the dentist and teeth cleaning, implants will last for many years. If the implants settle well in the mouth and are properly cared for, then they can last a lifetime.

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Manufacturer’s warranty – considering dental implantation cost, dental implant manufacturers provide a warranty for the implants, i.e. if an implanted tooth is lost (failure to attach), it will be replaced by another one. This ensures that it is a long-lasting solution.


Dental implantation cost in our oral surgery department depends on many factors, but they are an irreplaceable investment in your perfect smile and daily victories with more self-confidence.

The main factors that determine dental implant cost:

prepared treatment plan (whether therapeutic, endodontic treatment is required before placing implants) and its duration;

the amount of dental implants, the selected type of dental implants and individual criteria related to the reactions of the patient’s body. For example, if the implant does not attach easily, treatment may take longer.

Dental implants are generally a more durable option than dentures, as they last significantly longer with proper care. In addition, in some cases, teeth implantation cost is lower (when restoring only one tooth with an implant, the cost of treatment includes the costs of implantation and prosthetic crown).

In all cases, we invite you to consult with dentists who will prepare a treatment plan and estimate the cost of dental implantation process.

Prices of the most popular services:

Orthodontic micro-implant

179 €

Implantation with a Neodent (Straumann dental implants)

559 €

You can find all prices in our price list:

Financing options

Dental prosthetics and its cost: the price of this procedure can always be friendly to our patients. For those who cannot pay the full amount at once, we offer to pay for the treatment in parts. Our partners “Moki Lizingas” will help you to cover dental bridges cost, teeth crowns cost and purchase the dental prosthetics service in installments.

Other possible financing options:

/  Billing with health insurance funds when the patient has concluded a contract with the insurance company.

/ Funding from territorial health insurance funds for patients covered by mandatory health insurance.

Partner of the implant manufacturer Straumann in Lithuania

We are the official partner of the Swiss dental implant manufacturer Straumann in Lithuania.

We strive for uncompromising quality, so in 2022 we became the first official partner of Straumann in Lithuania, one of the largest implant manufacturers in the world.  Straumann implants are reliable and long-lasting – our surgeons confidently choose them. We can recommend Straumann implants to almost all patients, even in cases where other types of implants are not suitable. The highest Swiss quality – for healthy teeth.

All dental implants from Straumann are made of titanium alloy, which ossifies and heals properly (with particularly good osseointegration). Titanium is the only metal that is not rejected by the body.

VIN Vilniaus implantologijos namai Straumann Partner

/  We also work with other large, well-known and reliable manufacturers on the market: Nobel, Megagen or Neodent. Implants from Straumann and Nobel Biocare dental implants are the most recognized and used for treatment in Lithuania.

Almost everyone can restore teeth with implants

/  The procedure is suitable for any patient who does not have severe health problems and has healthy enough gums and enough bone to support the implant. Person should also ready to take proper care of their teeth every day.

/  Implantation can be already done in adolescence or when the bones are formed and stop growing.

/   If the patient smokes a lot, has diabetes, has heart disease or has undergone chemotherapy, it is necessary to consult a doctor before implantation.

/  It is important not to forget to inform the doctor about all the diseases you have and the medicine you are taking.

Why is dental restoration (dental implantation) necessary?

/  After losing a tooth or several teeth, the bones begin to dissolve without receiving a load in their place. Together with the bone, the gums recede, and the roots of the teeth become exposed and extremely sensitive. Nearby teeth and their gums are also affected, they begin to bend and fall to the openings where there are no teeth. As a result of the inclination, the bone begins to dissolve more, plaque forms and dental diseases appear, which in the long run can even lead to the removal of teeth.

/  After the loss of teeth, the height of the bite and the symmetry of the face changes noticeably.

/  Just one or a few missing teeth can lead not only to the progression of oral diseases, but also to other health problems. For example, a person who has lost the full-fledged function of chewing and is unable to chew solid foods may begin to eat incompletely, and all this may become the beginning of digestive disorders.

/  So, lost teeth must be restored immediately, because if one tooth is not restored, there is a risk of losing adjacent teeth and facing other health problems. Dental restoration will help you enjoy an aesthetic smile again and increase self-confidence.

This is a procedure where four dental implants are threaded into your jaw and a full jaw prosthesis is screwed onto them. All-on-4 dental implants cost is different from the price of a screwless plate, because a screwless plate does not require implants. By choosing a screw-in prosthesis, you can achieve results that are equal to the function and strength of your real teeth!

The duration of the procedure is the same as when placing one implant and a crown on top of it. However, during the implantation procedure of all-on-4 implants, four implants will be threaded  and when they have hardened, after three to six months, a screw-in prosthesis will be placed on them.

Dental implants are inserted in about two to three hours in our clinic in Vilnius, and fitting the prosthesis can take about an hour. After some time, you will have to come for an examination, during which the surgeon will assess whether the implants have healed enough to be able to “load” them with a prosthesis.

visi dantys ant 4 implantu

The course of the dental implantation procedure


Consultation and assessment

During the consultation with the doctor, a dental X-ray (panoramic) is taken, a dental examination is performed, the condition of the gums and the amount and structure of the bone are assessed. After assessing the current situation, the most suitable procedure plan is selected. Some patients may need a bone augmentation procedure to allow enough bone for the implant to take hold and/or micro implants may be used.

/  A treatment plan is created – necessary procedures are planned, the duration of the treatment and the preliminary number of visits are estimated. Dental implantation and its cost are discussed. The price of implantation during the treatment may vary slightly depending on the procedures, their duration, the reactions of the body, etc. The cost of dental implants also varies, as for some patients the health insurance funds may partially cover the procedure. Always check with our dentists for possible discounts and additional information on prices such as panoramic dental X-ray cost.


Preparation for implantation

/  Effective implantation   can only be performed when the oral cavity is healthy. For this reason, it is first necessary to take care of the condition of the oral cavity and teeth – to cure tooth decay and gum diseases. Before implantation, it is usually recommended not only to heal damaged teeth, but also to perform teeth cleaning. Dental disease and plaque can make implant ossification very difficult.

/  Patients who smoke are advised to quit this habit. Smoking can interfere with the attachment of the implant to the bone, so the unattached implant may fall out and the procedure will have to be repeated.

/ It is recommended to avoid very hot and very cold food before the dental implantation procedure  and for a few days after it.


Implantation procedure

In our clinic “VIN Vilniaus implantologijos namai” dental implantation is performed in one visit. However, it takes 3-6 months after the procedure  for the implant to attach to the bone and become established. If it doesn’t take root, the implant doesn’t attach. In this case, another dental implant is threaded in the clinic free of charge.

Once the implant is fully attached, an abutment is placed to hold the temporary teeth crown. The temporary crown allows the gums to heal in their natural form, which will be held with the permanent crown. After placing a permanent dental teeth crown, the treatment process ends.

/ Dental implantation procedure is /completely painless. Dental implantations is usually performed under local anesthesia. If necessary, implantation is also possible under general anesthesia or sedation. General anesthesia or sedation can be applied to create maximum comfort for the patient if they feel nauseous during the treatment, afraid or unable to remain still during the entire implantation procedure.



After implantation

/  You should not experience any discomfort after the procedure or it may be very minimal – swollen gums, bleeding while brushing the teeth with a toothbrush near the implant area. If pain is felt, over-the-counter pain relievers can be used.

After the implantation procedure, try not to exercise more than usual, do not go to the sauna. You should also avoid hard foods for the first week.

Sutures are removed during a doctor’s examination.

/  The healing process can take 3-6 months, it depends on several factors: in which jaw the implant is threaded – upper or lower; how the body accepts the implant; how you perform oral hygiene. Attached implants can allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. As all dental implants are made of titanium alloy, which ossifies properly and is a completely acceptable material for the body, implants success rates can reach 97-99 percent.

Proper personal oral hygiene is necessary after implantation. Teeth should be carefully cleaned twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste, interdental floss, brushes or water irrigator. It is recommended to regularly perform professional deep teeth cleaning and to visit the dentist at least once a year for a preventive check-up.

In order to enjoy implanted teeth for as long as possible, it is important to follow all oral hygiene recommendations, such as performing deep teeth cleaning, and follow the dentist’s instructions.

It is recommended not to bite hard foods as both the implants and your natural teeth may chip or become damaged. Also, don’t forget, if you have bad habits (for example, you smoke a lot), you take medication or your health is weak, gum disease can manifest more actively.

Take responsible care of your teeth, gums and general health of your body – this will help to ensure the successful attachment of implants and the effective result of the treatment of lost teeth.


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