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Aesthetic tooth filling

Aesthetic tooth filling – the least invasive and fastest procedure to achieve a perfect smile!

This is one of the cheapest methods of tooth restoration, when damaged tooth tissues and their normal shape are restored. After this procedure, the aesthetic appearance of the teeth is improved.

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Completed works

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The work was performed by doctor Edita Budrienė:




Aesthetic filling

The patient came to the clinic because of the crumbling biting edges of the front teeth and wanted to correct the shape of the side molars.

Procedures performed: aesthetic fillings – corrected the shape of 6 front teeth, restoring the worn biting edges.

Before the procedure


Aesthetic filling

The patient came to us because of uneven tooth color, dark gaps near the gums, worn biting edges.

Procedures performed: teeth whitening procedure and aesthetic fillings on 6 front teeth, restoring the worn biting edges and reducing the gaps near the gums.

Before the procedure


E-MAX metal-free ceramic crowns and aesthetic filling

The patient came to us because of the unsatisfactory look of the aesthetic filling performed a few years ago.

Procedures performed: prosthetics of 4 front teeth with EMAX metal-free ceramic crowns, anatomical shape and functional guidance of canines restored by aesthetic functional filling.

estetinis plombavimas atikti darbai
Before the procedure

What is aesthetic filling?

Aesthetic fillings are the most commonly used minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure. This is a dental restoration method in which the dentist restores missing or damaged tooth tissues directly in the mouth. This allows to restore worn or chipped, as well as discolored and caries-damaged teeth. During aesthetic filling, the teeth are given a more beautiful shape, the arch of the teeth is leveled out and too large spaces between the teeth are closed.

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How is aesthetic filling of teeth performed?



Before the aesthetic filling procedure, it is necessary to come for a consultation, during which you will express all your wishes and expectations. The doctor will carefully examine all your teeth, your bite and, after evaluating all the risks and complications, will recommend the most suitable treatment methods for you.

During the consultation, the complexity of the procedure is also assessed, i.e. the number of teeth to be restored, the size of the damage, the duration of the future filling and the price. Up to 6 teeth are usually restored during one visit, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile after just one visit.


Aesthetic restoration of molar teeth

During the aesthetic restoration of molar teeth, all the lost, chewed off anatomical structures of the teeth are restored – humps, furrows, and the lost height of the tooth crown. This protects the teeth from wearing down, prevents the lowering of the bite, the decrease in chewing efficiency, because the correct anatomy of the teeth is important not only for beauty, but also for maintaining the function of chewing.


Aesthetic restoration of front teeth

During the procedure, very high-quality, modern composites with particularly good aesthetic properties are used, which allow functional and aesthetic restoration of the individual anatomy of the front teeth layer by layer with jewellery precision, reproducing not only the ideal shape created by nature, but also transparency, opacity, opalescence and fluorescence – critical factors in achieving a truly aesthetically pleasing front teeth restoration!


The price of aesthetic filling depends on:

/  how many teeth require aesthetic filling and;

/  complexity of the procedure.

However, it is a long-term and reliable investment that allows you to preserve the natural tissues of the teeth, and an excellent aesthetic result allows you to enjoy a dazzling white and healthy smile, which strengthens your self-confidence.

Aesthetic filling is cheaper than aesthetic prosthetics with veneers, veneers are more expensive, but the result is more durable. Read more about aesthetic prosthetics with metal-free ceramic veneers: dental veneers.

The price of aesthetic filling varies from €179 to €299, depending on the size of the damage and the complexity of the situation. The exact price will be specified by the dentist during the consultation. 

Prices of the most popular services:

Aesthetic filling
179 – 299 €

Full crown restoration with filling

169 €

You can find all prices in our price list:

Financing options

Dental prosthetics and its cost: the price of this procedure can always be friendly to our patients. For those who cannot pay the full amount at once, we offer to pay for the treatment in parts. Our partners “Moki Lizingas” will help you to cover dental bridges cost, teeth crowns cost and purchase the dental prosthetics service in installments.

Other possible financing options:

/  Billing with health insurance funds when the patient has concluded a contract with the insurance company.

/ Funding from territorial health insurance funds for patients covered by mandatory health insurance.

When is aesthetic filling recommended?

Aesthetic filling is recommended if:

/ teeth have lost their natural appearance, i.e. they are damaged by caries, discoloured, faded, irregularly grown or are cracked, chipped, etc. due to injuries;

/ teeth are affected by caries. Conventional tooth filling will not provide such a good result;

/ you want to replace old, darkened fillings and ensure a much better aesthetic image;

/ teeth are discoloured or stained (although it is quite often believed that teeth whitening can help in such cases, it is not always effective);

/ the teeth are worn, chipped or cracked. If a person wants to remove the gap between the teeth (diastema);

/ you want to restore your teeth after various injuries;

/ you want to change the shape and length of your teeth;

/ you want to protect the molars from lowering of the bite line.

If the tooth defects are minor, aesthetic filling is a fast, good looking, tissue-sparing method of tooth restoration.

Whether aesthetic tooth filling is the right procedure for you, the dentist will answer during the consultation.

When is aesthetic filling not recommended?

/  When restoring endodontically treated teeth, as well as in case of extensive damage to the crown, it is recommended to choose aesthetic microprosthetics with metal-free ceramic veneers or crowns.

/ Aesthetic filling is not recommended in case of pronounced pathology of the bite – in this case, orthodontic dental treatment (straightening with retainers or braces) is recommended, aesthetic filling is performed only after dental treatment.

/ In the case of teeth grinding (bruxism), there is a risk of cracking of aesthetic fillings, so it may be recommended to wear a protective mouth-guard at night. In case of severe grinding of the teeth, the dentist may refuse to perform an aesthetic filling and recommend other treatment methods.
The dentist will answer what is best for you during the consultation.

Advantages and disadvantages of aesthetic filling

  • Aesthetic and natural appearance.

  • A technician's laboratory is not required, so one visit is usually enough for the restoration.

  • Strengthens the damaged tooth.

  • More healthy tooth tissue is preserved than with dentures.

  • Sometimes there can be used as an alternative to orthodontic treatment (teeth straightening with braces) or prosthetics.

  • A chipped restoration can be easily and quickly adjusted in one visit.

  • Especially suitable for children and teenagers if one or more teeth are chipped.

  • Low cost. Prices of the aesthetic filling procedures are lower than fot aesthetic veneers.

  • The wear of filling materials is about three to four times faster than that of a natural tooth. The composite corresponds to the physical and optical properties of dentine, but not enamel, so it is recommended only for dentine restoration. Meanwhile, in order to restore natural tooth enamel, ceramic (porcelain) restorations are offered.

  • Filling materials accumulate more plaque than natural teeth or ceramic restorations, so it is recommended to polish the restorations 1-2 times a year.

  • Filling materials harden and shrink in the light, so pigmentation, marginal permeability, and delamination of restorations may occur in the long run.

Our clinic provides services to people living abroad: after planning visits in advance, we can beautify your smile in two to three days.

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Recommendations after aesthetic filling:

In order to maintain the aesthetic beauty of filled teeth, it is necessary to care for them properly and follow the recommendations given by the dentist. Important to know:

1/ We recommend not consuming any colouring foods and drinks (tea, coffee, red wine, beetroot, curry spices, etc.) for 12 hours after aesthetic tooth filling, as well as not smoking or painting your lips. It is possible that it will be more difficult for you to pronounce some sounds for a while – the basic adaptation period of the mouth and face can last several weeks.

2/ A follow-up doctor’s examination is recommended after two weeks. During aesthetic filling, both the teeth and the composites used for filling dry out and change colour, so the final result of aesthetic filling is visible only after 14 days. During the control examination, the dentist can offer correction of aesthetic fillings.

3/   If you want to enjoy long-term results, after the procedure, consume colouring foods in moderation, try not to smoke. Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush, it is also necessary to use interdental floss and/or interdental brushes for interdental cleaning.

Choose toothpaste with fluoride. Use low-abrasive toothpaste, avoid whitening toothpastes, as well as products with chlorhexidine, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and herbs. Avoid abrasive toothpastes, especially those containing baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), whose coarse particles scratch the surface of fillings.

4/ After the procedure, choose an alcohol-free mouthwash that reduces the amount of microorganisms and improves the smell of the oral cavity. Mouthwash with alcohol can promote dehydration of restorative materials and mucosa, soften aesthetic fillings and increase micropermeability.

5/  If your dentist has prescribed protective dental gum shields (for example, due to teeth grinding), use them every night to protect the aesthetic restorations.

6/  Don’t bite hard products or materials (e.g. bones, fruit pits, bottle caps, etc.) – both your teeth and aesthetic fillings can chip.

7/  If the teeth are sensitive, we suggest using a special tooth ointment.

8/ 1-2 times a year, perform a professional teeth cleaning procedure and polishing of aesthetic fillings – this way you will extend the life of the fillings and enjoy a beautiful smile for longer!

We recommend performing the teeth cleaning procedure in our implantology clinic, otherwise we will not be able to provide long-lasting restorations. If cheap, low-quality, abrasive materials are used during this procedure, the surface of aesthetic fillings is scratched and their durability is significantly reduced.

The professional team of doctors at our dental clinic works for the health of your teeth!